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5 Day ahead
British Isles Forecast

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Sunday, 14 February 2016

SIGNIFICANT WEATHER: Wintry Precipitation (N). Ice (N). Fog or Freezing Fog (N and W).

SUMMARY: Sunshine and showers across most of the country, showers most frequent to the S.

SYNOPTIC SITUATION: Low pressure gradually clears to the E and SE of the U.K., introducing a cooler NE ly airflow over much of the country, though with frontal systems still clearing S.

WINDS: NE moderate or fresh.

WEATHER: Light or moderate showers move over many areas during the day, most frequent in the S, while often turning wintry further N. Dry and sunny spells however develop between the showers once any overnight mist or fog clears. The best of the sunshine to NW England and W Scotland.

TEMPERATURE: Near or slightly below average, with a widespread frost and the risk of ice.


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