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5 Day ahead
British Isles Forecast

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Monday, 4 May 2015


SUMMARY: Mainly dry with sunny spells for many, though showery in W Ireland and W Scotland at times.

SYNOPTIC SITUATION: A trough and frontal systems clear to the NE of the U.K. as low pressure remains dominant to the W, introducing a more SW ly airflow across the country and a brief spell of drier conditions.

WIND: S or SW light or moderate in the S, moderate or fresh to the N.

WEATHER: Overnight rain clears N Scotland to leave a mainly dry day across much of the country with some good spells of sunshine developing for many, though with showers affecting W Ireland and parts of W Scotland at times. It becomes overcast across S areas through the afternoon ahead of rain beginning to move in during the evening.

TEMPERATURE: Near or just above average.


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